Please contact us at for email orders or assistance.
Please contact us at for email orders or assistance.
FREE Night Vision Glasses!
$27.95 original price. Free Rebel Night Shades (only pay shipping!)
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“High Contrast Light Enhancement” IS THE PERFECT lens protection combination.
  • UV400 – Capable of blocking the tiniest radiation rays.
  • Polarization – Diminishes glares and halos.
  • High Definition – Provides clear and crisp views.
  • Dual-sided lenses - Shielded eyes from ALL directions.
  • GUARANTEED TO FIT with EASY SLIP-ON technology, even over prescription glasses.
    Plus Order Now and Get these 4 Gifts for FREE:
    • FREE: Soft Glasses Pouch ($4.99 value) – Soft protection for your special vision shades.
    • ​Instant Access: Rebel Fit Academy with Member Reports  –  Rebel Fit Academy and Rebel Member Reports for your first 14-days FREE and then just $47/month... cancel at any time. 
    • ​First Access to Medical Breakthroughs (priceless) – Any time our team comes upon a new natural breakthrough from military and defense experts, you'll be the first to know about it. We'll tell you what to do, how to do it, and for how long so that you can reap the full reward.
    • ​Free "Save Your Eyes!  Secrets to Vision Health" book  ($9.99 value) – Don’t go at it alone.  Are you at risk for a potentially devastating vision problem?  You may be able to mitigate the risk with some simple action. Learn about symptoms and how to take action. 
    “These glasses make a huge difference in night-time driving! They fit very comfortably over my prescription glasses and I have no more blinding glare. I highly recommend this product!” -Fred K.
    * Product Terms: Your Rebel Night Shades is a gift for trying our Rebel Fit Academy which comes with Survival Articles, How To Guides, Free Bonus Gifts, Eye Health Member Reports,  and more. 
    * Billing Terms: Cover $7.95 shipping and handling. Order includes Free bonuses + 14-day Free access to Rebel Fit  Academy with Free Content,  Member Reports and more all for just $47/mo billed after your 14 days Free - cancel anytime by email or phone. 
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    ONE TIME OFFER - Just $2.95: Enjoy this full insurance policy on your shipment. We will replace the entire unit if it is lost in-transit, if there is substantial damage, or if the device is non-functional. That means if there is an issue with your shipment, you get a new $24.95 Rebel NIght Shades replacement at no additional cost. Just cover $2.95 now to add this insurance to your order now.

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    ONE TIME OFFER - Just $9.95: Want to protect your night shades from scratches and unexpected breaks? It's usually $9.99 but as a bonus, click YES to add this to your order now for just $7! (This offer is not available at ANY other time or place)

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    *Individual results vary based on each individual's eye condition. It is recommended that wearers also consume healthy supplements and follow an exercise regime to achieve best results.  Rebel Shades are not endorsed in any way, shape or form by any US government institution.  The Rebel Health Online Academy 14-day period includes access to monthly member reports on vision discoveries and insider tips, tricks and strategies published in meal plans, workout guides, and more are unavailable to the general public.  As a special bonus with your Rebel Shades order, you'll get full discounted access to the Rebel  Fit Academy for just $47 per month (regularly $99/month). Try the Rebel  Fit Academy for FREE for 14 days, and if you don't love it for any reason, just send us an email at anytime after trying it, and we'll be happy to cancel your access.  Please make sure you receive confirmation of cancellation.  Any testimonials or model's use of products do not imply a personal endorsement for any product by them or anyone of their likeness, information on this site is provided for informational purposes only and is not meant to substitute for professional medical advice.  If you have or suspect a medical problem, please contact a health care professional.

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